Representative Cases


  • After a store broke its lease, the landlord sued the chain’s founder, who had personally guaranteed the lease decades earlier.
  • A company subcontracted a rush job to another in its industry, then cancelled after work had started and did not reimburse the subcontractor for the time and materials expended.
  • Two couples opened a business that failed. Plaintiffs alleged that the partner who had managed the business did not properly account for income and fraudulently transferred the business to a third party.
  • Female retail customer alleged inappropriate conduct and invasion of privacy by a male employee.
  • Business owner claimed that his former general manager steered customers to a competing company that the manager was starting and took a copy of the client list when he left the job.
  • When a commercial landlord could not complete renovations within the time frame a new tenant needed, the tenant sought return of rent and deposits he had paid. At mediation, the parties recognized that the delays were largely due to circumstances beyond either party’s control and agreed to split the difference.
  • Man who had invested substantial sums in a friend’s struggling business alleged that the friend’s family had spent company assets on personal items.
  • Customer alleged that $20,000 worth of raw materials supplied to a manufacturer had been destroyed.
  • Man gave large sums of money to a small non-profit, then asked for repayment, asserting they were loans.
  • A company sued its former office manager for alleged financial misdeeds.


  • Executive of a manufacturing company was terminated after less than a year on the job. He claimed he had been guaranteed at least two years of employment.
  • Employee was replaced while on an extended medical leave of absence. Company asserted it had no work available for someone with his medical restrictions.
  • Appeal from $90,000 Labor Commission award to a restaurant worker who claimed wage-hour violations after he was fired for theft.
  • Fast food worker alleged she had been terminated after a work-related injury, and that she had never received lunch breaks.

Personal Injury    

  • Man was run down by a car and killed after he and his friends had an altercation with the driver in front of defendant’s store.
  • Construction worker fell when scaffolding collapsed while he was working at a home.
  • A man was injured when a large glass panel he was moving came off its track. Question of responsibility among the company that designed and manufactured the frame, the general contractor, and the glass installer.
  • Suit against an apartment owner by the surviving child of a man shot and killed at the building, allegedly due to security lapses.
  • Woman broke her arm after being knocked down by her landlord’s dog.
  • Paparazzo alleged he had been injured by a celebrity he was photographing.
  • Paramedics sued homeowner after they were injured when an exterior stairway collapsed.
  • Automobile accident settled at second mediation session after additional discovery to determine whether plaintiff required new dental veneers as a result of the accident or got them solely for cosmetic reasons.

Other Cases  

  • Homeowner sued bank after home was foreclosed upon. Homeowner had stopped paying first mortgage after the refinance of a second mortgage didn’t go through because of a problem with the paperwork.
  • Woman sued dentist after her dental implant failed.
  • Woman sued her former fiance for his failure to pay expenses for a home they had bought together.
  • Family sued a hospital and a funeral home after difficulty finding a doctor to sign the death certificate led to a delay in the burial.
  • Medical malpractice suit, filed after a woman’s recurrent leg infections resulted in amputation.
  • Family members sued one another regarding ownership of a car and repayment of a loan.