“Great work! You’re exactly the kind of mediator I want to work with — knowledgeable, transparent, and direct. I especially like the way you diligently work both sides of the case evenly and well, utilizing analysis of the actual facts and evidence to maneuver the case into a settlement posture. I would use you again in a heartbeat.”

– Ronald Mawhinney, Esq.,  Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett LLP


“Thank you again for your great effort. Your skill in eliciting information from the parties made all the difference in getting the case resolved.”

– Ali R. Moghaddami, Esq., Law Offices of Ali R. Moghaddami


“When my elderly parents were sued by their neighbors, Susan helped us negotiate very specific terms that everyone could live with. Six months later, when the case still had not been dismissed, I asked Susan to step back in. She did, and the problem was solved within a few hours. Susan also was extremely perceptive and sensitive to the people involved. When strong personalities and tempers dominated the discussions, Susan remained cooperative, professional, and focused on resolution. There now is peace in my family!”

– George Acosta, Los Angeles


“Thank you for your efforts in resolving this matter. I know that your energy and enthusiasm in getting a deal worked out made all the difference.”

– A.R., Esq.